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In our online shop you can buy rare and unique fossils from all over the world. Starting with a small branchiosaurus right through to ancient sharks of impressive size, out of all geological eras. Of course a selection of unique pieces changes from time to time, so feel free to browse through your fossilworld once again!

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We update our selection of Fossils at irregular intervals. With one click on the date you reach the overview of particular new arrivals in your fossilworld!

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Our fossils are all individual items! We would be pleased to answer your questions before buying a fossil. Please direct your enquiry on an appointed fossils by adding the item number to info@fossilworld.net
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Acquisition of fossils is a matter of confidence and your satisfaction is our first priority!
We checked all items available in our shop, which are not prepared by ourselves for originality by means of at least 30 years of experience!

Only in rare cases fossil relicts of living creatures are found absolutely perfect. We treat little slivers, fissures in bones and other minor disfigurements by substituting them by high-quality synthetic material and coloring them.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question on an appointed fossil! We are also pleased to be at your disposal by phone! Just leave your phone number at info@fossilworld.net with a short notice at what time you are reachable.

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