Fish (Pisces)
First fishes appeared during the Ordovician period about 470-450 million years ago.
The term "fish" is not a proper grouping in systematic biology, because evolution of fish was not a single event. Therefore the term fish describes all Gnathostomata which do not belong to the Tetrapoda.

Today there are 31.000 know species of fish, inhabiting almost every aquatic environments.

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Fische (All eras)

Diplocanthus (Devonian)

Gyroptychius (Devonian)

Paleoniscum (Permian, Triassic)

Rhabdolepis (Permian)

Pholidophorus (Triassic)

Heterolepidotus (Triassic, Jurassic)

Caturus furcatus(Jurassic, Cretaceous)

Tharsis dubius(Jurassic)

Sedenhorstia (Cretaceous)

Coccodus (Cretaceous)

Sedenhorstia dayi(Cretaceous)

Scombroclupea (Cretaceous)

Armigatus (Cretaceous)

Eubiodectes (Cretaceous)

Knightia (Paleocene, Eocene)

Priscacara (Eocene)

Smerdis (Oligocene)

Amphysile (Oligocene)

Capros (Oligocene)

Aeoliscus (Oligocene)

Heterolepidotus (Triassic, Jurassic)

Eubiodectes (Cretaceous)

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